Our family

Our family

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Life has gotten and stayed busy.  We finished the semester of school and lived near Family in Bonners Ferry, Idaho.  We started out our break at a resort called Stone-ridge near Cour De Lane.  We stayed busy over break by Zach working at ProX and I worked at a daycare.  We also got to spend lots of time with wonderful nieces, nephews, and I enjoyed getting to know everyone better.  We are now back to Rexburg Idaho for our 5th Semesters of school.  Zach is staying really busy with his classes.  I am having a blast this semester.  I love my recreation classes.  We are taking Chemistry together everyday at 7:45 AM. We have the same professor we had for science when we met.  It brings back lots of memories.

We met our first class, first day, of our first semester at BYU-Idaho.  We had class together and played a get to know you game and we talked.  Later we ended up having Science together.  The first day of science Zach was sitting at a table, and me being me decided to sit somewhere else because I was shy.  He got up and asked me if he could sit in the seat next to me because I was the only person he knew.  I said yes and then we talked for a little bit.  When class started I would try to listen to the teacher but he kept talking to me.  He asked if I had seen the Fith Element, I said no and he asked if I wanted to watch it with him.  He then walked me to my next class and got my number.  And now we are here today.

We are excited to be back to school and hope we will have a blast this year.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

First 2 weeks of Bliss

Its been exactly two weeks since we got married and sealed to each other for time and all eternity in the Billings Mt Temple.  It was such a fun day with everyone that was there to help us celebrate.  The recepetions were filled with fun, good food (or so I have been told), and tons of dancing.  I am so thankful for everyone that helped as well as those who came.

 These two weeks have been wonderful.  Married life has been amazing.  It is nice to know that at night you never have to leave the other.  Instead they are just on the other side of the bed.  It has also been nice to wake up and the first thing you see is the person you love the most.  We had a nice break from school for the first week.  This second week has been busy.  On Sunday we got to our new apartment.  The first thing I noticed was there was no mattress.  This worried us a little because we had thought it said it came with a mattress.  Luckily we were right and we got a mattress that night.  Our apartment is nice and cozy.  I found out today that I only have to plug my vacuum in once and I can vacuum my whole apartment.  I think we are finally settled in our apartment.

 School started on Monday.  My classes have not been to difficult and I have had tons of down time, but I think it will pick up a little this week.  Zach has had a pretty tough schedule.   He is only taking 14 credits but he seems to do way more work than me and I have 17 credits.  We finally got to start Kingdom heats, finally a game I can play.  I finally got Zach to watch footloose.  He liked it better than he thought he would.  Today I am home cleaning and doing homework while Zach went with John and Tiffany bow fishing.  It is raining so I hope they are still having fun.